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Corporate 101: Promotional Items And Gifts for Tradeshows

While social media is the platform to promote your brand and gain a loyal following, if you don’t have enough followers, your reach is limited. Secondly, having a Facebook or Twitter account doesn’t mean you’ll be successful overnight.

Everything depends on how well you’re doing in the digital world. If your brand doesn’t have followers on social media, how do you expect to get the attention you deserve?

This is where tradeshows come in. By displaying your products and services at an event with thousands of potential clients, you can get the exposure you need.

The Dos and Don’ts Of Tradeshow Displays

So many businesses focus on promotional videos when setting up their tradeshow stand. But there’s more to the display than that.

While promotional videos are important, your potential clients also want to see the actual products you’re offering.

Besides your products, you should also add promotional gifts so your audience leaves with a positive impression of your brand.

Here are a few promotional gifts you should add:

Different Types of Pens

When you think of a pen, you probably think of them as just another piece of stationery. But pens are more than that. They’re lightweight, usable, and extremely useful.

Your clients can carry them around everywhere. They’re portable and most importantly, they’re affordable. You can get them customized with your brand’s logo printed on the casing. This way, whenever your clients use the pen, they’ll automatically remember your brand.

From fountain pens to markers, the options are endless. You can even use pen pouches (that have your brand’s logo on them) and give away different types of pens.

Anti-Stress Balls

Let’s face it. Working in a corporate environment can have its moments. When a client is too finicky or a boss is too demanding, we all feel the pressure. But it’s also important to be professional in a professional environment.

You can’t ruin your relationships. And that’s where anti-stress balls come in handy. Offering anti-stress balls as promotional gifts is a unique way to build a relationship with your clients.

It shows that you value their emotional needs and prioritize their health.

Office Stationery

Who doesn’t need office supplies? Offering a basic stationery kit as a gift to potential clients is the perfect way to win their favor. From staplers to colorful pencils and pens, you can get really creative with the gift!


T-shirts have always been the best promotional gifts. Nobody can say no to a good t-shirt! You can print your brand’s logo on the back and offer different colors and sizes, depending on individual needs.

What makes t-shirts great for promotions is that once your clients wear them outside, they’ll be promoting your brand wherever they go.

If someone likes the t-shirt, they’ll know they got it from you. It’s one of the most affordable ways to create brand awareness.

Bags and Mugs

Bags and mugs also make great promotional gifts. They serve the same purpose as t-shirts and help create brand awareness.

But more than that, when given as gifts, they also help you build customer loyalty. Whenever your clients will use your gifts, they’ll remember your brand.

And if the mugs and bags are attractive, others will want them too.

This works because word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most effective ways to get exposure.

In conclusion, tradeshows are a great way to meet new clients and potential customers. When done right, promotional gifts can help create awareness for your brand.

But the type of promotional gifts you give away should be of exceptional quality. This is where we come in.

At Bravura, we offer customized luxury corporate gifts that are designed to meet all your requirements. We’re dedicated to ensuring your mission and vision for your brand comes true.

So, if you’re looking for online corporate gifts in Dubai, feel free to get in touch with us!

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