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Gems on a Dime: Budget Corporate Gift Ideas for Small Businesses

Finding a corporate gift on a budget that’s handy, thoughtful, classy and meaningful can be a difficult task.

We understand that.

It’s not, however, impossible!

Here, at Bravura, budget is an important consideration when we create a product line for our customers. It isn’t the only consideration, but it definitely is one of our priority considerations. This allows us to offer unique and creative gift solutions that can be easily afforded by small businesses; yes, you can also afford them.

Today, we would like to give you a review of few of the many classy corporate gift items that we sell at Bravura for cheap. Who knows, you might find your perfect corporate gift in this list.

Desk clocks

A desk clock can be one of the best gifts that you can give to your employees or clients. We have a huge collection of desk clocks available at low price:

  • Pictorama that’s actually a multi-functional digital desk clock.
  • Ditafo, a foldable clock that also features a frame for photograph.
  • Squia, a desk clock nestled in a classy, paneled solid wood case.

And many more!

Coffee mugs

For that coffee lover at your office, we have got coffee mugs. These are inexpensive and can be customized with personalized messages to add a thoughtful touch to your gift.

Some of our best sellers include:

Lunch bag

If you have an employee or a client who bring their lunch to work, you can gift them our inexpensive but stylish lunch bag.

This lunch bag has been designed to provide maximum insulation and keeps the food warm and fresh.

Protein Shaker

Do you have an employee who is a crazy gym fanatic? You can give them a protein shaker as a corporate gift with a custom printed message on it.

We stock high quality protein shakers made from BPA free materials.

Our protein shaker comes with three compartments: the top compartment is for liquid; the middle compartment is for vitamins, and the third compartment is for protein powder.

Besides these gift items, we also offer many other inexpensive corporate gifts that you can conveniently buy online and have them delivered right to your doorstep.

Visit our e-store to view our complete corporate gifts product range.

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