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Using Luxury Corporate Gifts to Improve Your Social Media Campaigns

Businesses use social media to engage with loyal customers and build their brand image.

According to a report published by Econsultancy, social media is considered one of the top 5 platforms for marketing.

Social media platforms have now become the first step for businesses to boost sales and improve conversion rates.

According to a report, 77% of millennial purchase products online after viewing something on Facebook. A report published by Nielson shows that word-of-mouth marketing is still the most effective form of social media marketing.

But a lot of businesses struggle when it comes to creating an effective marketing strategy to win over their target audience. While email marketing, cross-media marketing, and live videos are a great strategy, sometimes, consumers need more than that. They need more than information about your products. They need to analyze these products themselves.

The Power of Corporate Gifts

We no longer live in a world when businesses would use traditional marketing strategies to grab attention. Newspapers and posters still exist but it’s social media platforms that are dominating the world of marketing.

If you want to grab the attention of your target audience, you should include corporate gifts to create brand awareness.

Here’s how corporate gifts can help create brand awareness on social media:

Attracts New Clients

One of the best things about corporate gifts is that they kill two birds with one stone. They help you promote your brand and attract new clients.

The idea of gifts is to create a good relationship with your clients. Most people love surprises. And surprising your potential clients with a small gift (especially if it’s useful) will automatically convert them into customers.

Whenever they use your gift, they will automatically be reminded of your services.

Builds Brand Image

You will become known as the brand that values their customers and clients. When you put in an effort to impress your clients, they will be impressed.

How many brands put in the effort to make their customers/clients feel valuable? If you focus more on building a relationship with your clients, your sales and revenue will automatically improve!

Retain Loyal Clients

And finally, it’s the best way to retain loyal clients! Corporate gifts allow you to show your clients how much they mean to you.

It shows that you appreciate all the years they’ve invested their time and money into your business. It affirms your relationships and encourages your customers to place their trust in your brand.

Secondly, when you gift your employees as well, you reassure them that they are a valuable asset of your company. It allows them to see that you consider them essential part of your organization.

Here’s What You Can Do…

One way you can easily attract new clients and give giveaways is by engaging your followers with contests. From guessing what your next product will be to coming with a nice slogan for your brand, there are plenty of things you can do.

And of course, the winner gets a nice corporate gift from you!

You can also give discounted products with corporate gifts. From pens, office supplies, leather wallets, to mugs and bags, the options are endless!

These are just a few ways you can market your brand on social media.

Bravura offers customized luxury corporate gifts that are designed to exceed the expectations of every brand. We’re dedicated to ensuring your mission and vision for your brand comes true.

So, if you’re looking for online corporate gifts in Dubai, feel free to get in touch with us!

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